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Bin It! anti-littering educational video resources

1st June 2021

Are you a teacher looking for engaging, informative resources to teach your students about the environment and littering? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Our series of anti-littering educational videos are a one-stop shop for everything anti-littering.

Watch our full-length performance video below, which showcases the four lessons in our teaching resource: why we litter, who litters, why litter matters and the cost of litter.

Our brand-new multimedia teaching resource, ‘The Complete Guide’ means that we can continue to spread messages about the impacts of litter on the environment even when our roadshow isn’t running. You can access our amazing content anytime, anywhere, completely free of charge!

Our multimedia teaching resource packages up a stellar Bin It! performance into a series of videos, which, along with supporting lesson plans, demonstrate the social norm is to bin waste. The video above is the full-length version but the series of videos can be found on our YouTube channel.

We know how important it is for teachers to be able to tailor lesson delivery to their specific course and teaching needs. That is why this content brings the performances into schools in a way that is flexible, so that you can teach your students about the impact of littering whenever and wherever.

The Complete Guide teaching resource includes:
– Teachers notes
– Activity sheets
– Supporting video content

The resource can also be used in a number of ways:
1. Use ‘The Complete Guide’, and video, as a single lesson on litter and the environment

2. Use the four project lessons and videos as a topic throughout the term

3. Each lesson can be used individually without having to use the others

You can even use just the starter activities from each project lesson to get the core messages to students in a short space of time

Everything you need is here to deliver inspiring lessons on this topic. It is ready-made so minimal preparation is needed. We hope you and your students enjoy using this resource.

You can follow what we get up to via our Twitter @BinItEducation and get involved in the anti-littering conversation using the hashtag #BinItYourWay.

To sign up to our future in-person, free theatre-in-education roadshows email us on or call our team on 020 8972 0040.