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Bin It! Advert Design Competition now live!

4th February 2021

Think your school has what it takes to create the next viral ad campaign? Prove it!

We have launched an exciting new competition for 14–16-year-olds throughout the UK to show us their creativity, media and business skills.

Bin It! wants your students to create an advert that changes behaviours, and attitudes towards littering, in young adults. Working as a team, or as an individual, students are invited to create an advert that will inspire 14–18-year-olds to stop and think before littering. They should consider what the advert looks like, where the advert would be seen and why they think it works. It can be a printed advert for a newspaper or bus stop, a TV advert, a social media advert, or even a TikTok!

Read on to learn how you can take part and be in with a chance of winning £500 for your school!

So, what’s the competition all about?

Littering is a habit. Once we do it a few times without immediate repercussions, we stop thinking about it and just do it. Everyone litters at some point, from dropping chewing gum to discarding a used facemask. But the earlier we understand the damage even the smallest piece of litter does to the environment the less likely we are to continue with this behaviour.

What do students need to do?

Students are challenged to create an advert that will inspire young adults, between 14-18 years old, to think about their own littering behaviour and make a positive change.

It can be a printed advert for a newspaper or bus stop, a TV advert, a social media advert or even a TikTok. As long as it is an advert that will capture the attention of the target age group and inspire them to change their behaviour.

Think about where young adults are most likely to pay attention to adverts. Consider what style those adverts should be to really capture imaginations. Then come up with the winning formula!

Who is the target audience for the advert?

Focus your creative talents on engaging 14–18-year-olds with an anti-littering message.

This sounds great, how do I get my school involved?

The process for getting involved is simple:

Step 1: Choose one of the following forms of litter that you think it most important for this age group to create an advert about:

–          Confectionery wrappers

–          Face masks

–          Chewing gum

Step 2: Think about the message of the advert. What are you trying to say to your audience? How can you say it in a way that will engage them? Why not start by thinking about where you see adverts the most and the ones that capture your attention?

Step 3: Decide where your advert would be seen or heard to make it effective, it could be:

–          On a bus stop

–          On TV

–          In a newspaper

–          On social media

–          On the radio

Step 4: Get creating! Create your advert in all its glory. Tell us where you think it should be seen and why you have selected the chosen channel for it. If you decide to do a video-based entry or an animation and cannot create the film, you can submit a storyboard instead.

Step 5: Fill out your Competition Entry Form, attach your entry form and submit!

Once your advert is ready, you can submit your entry via email to – please try and keep the attachments under 10MB to guarantee arrival – or via post to:

Bin It! Competition
c/o The Rapport Group
Epic House
128 Fulwell Road
TW11 0RQ

The deadline for advert entries is Friday 28 May 2021.

What could we win?

The winning team or student will receive a £500 Amazon voucher for their school and a £500 voucher for themselves. The two runners-up will receive a £250 Amazon voucher for the school and the same for themselves.

Please note that if the entry from the winner or the runners-up is from a team, the total value of the voucher will need to be shared out between the team.

Please see here for full terms and conditions.