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Download all the brilliant Bin It! resources totally free of charge, with no need to register. All the resources are designed to help change pupils' attitudes about litter.

  • Bin It! Beats Animation

    This video accompanies all of the lessons

    YouTube video
  • Bin It! Beats Introduction

    Read me first

    download (379 kB)
  • Bin It! Beats Assembly

    A useful assembly to get the littering message to the whole school

    download (382 kB)
  • Bin It! Beats Lesson 1

    A lesson looking at the responsibility of litter disposal

    download (1 MB)
  • Bin It! Beats Lesson 2

    Learning all about how to love where you live

    download (457 kB)
  • Bin It! Beats Lesson 3

    Challenge pupils to spread the message about the littering fine

    download (1 MB)
    • Help to Bin It!

      Challenge students to create something that helps teach people to bin their litter

      download (302 kB)
    • Meet the Rubbish Makers

      Look at the different types of people that litter

      download (296 kB)
    • Rubbish – The Reason

      Discover the reasons people litter and how to stop it

      download (264 kB)
    • Rubbish – The Results

      Explore the results of the project

      download (197 kB)
    • Bin It! Buddies

      Brand new Media Resource coming soon

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